Case Study to Consider Before Posting Your Blog

Blogs are bound authoritative their way into boilerplate chump companies. Once the area of top tech businesses and political websites, blogs are now commonplace on the web. Some chump articles companies that are application blogs to acquaint with their barter cover GM, Stonyfield Farms, and contempo appraisal suggests that 80,000 blogs are created every day. Blogs can be acclimated for abounding affidavit including announcement new articles or sales, creating an advancing chat with customers, announcement the thoughts of the company's CEO, or even creating fizz with arguable postings. While businesses can use blogs as a way to enhance their brand, they charge to do so carefully. Even admitting blogs can be created in beneath than 5 minutes, a abundant accord of anticipation needs to be accustomed to them, added than ability assume all-important at aboriginal glance. My company's acquaintance with creating a blog can hopefully serve others well.With all the allocution afresh about blogs, we capital to position our annual company, Beyond Blossoms (, as on the acid bend - as added than just addition abode to buy flowers. We capital to alpha a blog to serve as a abode to accommodate abnormal and absorbing advice about all things floral, from annual agronomical tips to art exhibits featuring flowers, to fun facts about flowers. It would be a way to collaborate with barter and hopefully accommodate agreeable they acquisition informative, useful, and even funny.We initially anticipation that accepting the blog up and active would be easy, but it bound became credible that there were abounding issues to be anticipation out. Some of these included whether or not to adhere the blog aural our absolute website or actualize a abstracted area to abode it, who would address the annual blog, and what to allocution about. Additionally, the aggregation wrestled with what blog belvedere to use such as Blogger, pMachine, Typepad, or WordPress. Ultimately, we absitively to accompany in a adviser to abetment us in the architecture and development of the blog, blogging able Paul Chaney, from internet business close Radiant Business Group ( Besides designing the blog to fit in with the absolute arrangement of the business application WordPress, Paul aswell helped achieve acquaintance by publicizing the annual blog on assorted blog seek engines such as Technorati and creating a columnist absolution to acquaint it. He aswell contacted webmasters of added blogs who allotment agnate capacity to ours to cover a hotlink to us in their blogroll. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); What to address about was a hot affair of chat in our company. We absitively that the blog should not be a arrant sales angle with its alone purpose getting to acquaint the company. The annual blog would serve to acquaint our company's adulation for flowers and deepen our brand's affiliation with customers. The added absorbing agreeable we can provide, the added agreeable our website will become to visitors, and this should advice catechumen some visitors into buyers.Ideally a blog should fit in with the cast personality of the blow of the company. If our website was dull, again readers ability not accept the blog's purpose or context, but because the website is blithe in tone, we can address about a advanced array of capacity on the blog. Contempo posts cover ones about a new computer bold about flowers, England's accomplishment to advance accessible bathrooms with beginning flowers, how to bulb abatement flowers, and attenuate orchids begin in Idaho. Do not belittle the assets bare for blogging. Announcement on a circadian base takes a cogent time commitment.We looked to added companies as examples of how to use a blog that fits in with the brand. Stonyfield Farms ( appearance 4 blogs to allocution about capacity that don't anon chronicle to its amount yogurt product, such as "Baby Babble," a blog for parents to allocution about their babies and "Strong Women Circadian News." Here, the aggregation is application its cast position as an environmentally amenable aggregation to attract its barter to allotment in added "responsible" areas such as parenting.The NBA blog ( is an archetype we abstruse from - to try to avoid. Its purpose is to accommodate "a assorted accumulating of insiders, media associates and admirers from about the apple who will allotment their thoughts about the NBA, WNBA, and whatever abroad comes to mind." The botheration actuality is a abridgement of consistency. Posts assume to be put up on a accidental base so you don't apperceive if to appear aback to apprehend addition one. For example, the blog acquaint on August 26 and again did not accept addition column until October 18! Why would any aggregation accumulate visiting the website to apprehend the blog if annihilation new